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Blossoming Love Blouse

Blossoming Love Blouse

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Embrace an aura of timeless romance with our Blossoming Love Women's Blouse. With its exquisite fabric and enchanting silhouette, it's the perfect attire to kindle your style and grace. Ideal for both casual and elegant occasions, this blouse transforms every moment into a scene from a love story. Adorn yourself with Blossoming Love - where fashion meets romance.

Size in inch

Size Bust Waist Sleeve Length Length
S 31.89 25.59-26.77 26.97 10.24
M 33.46 25.98-28.35 27.36 10.63
L 35.04 27.56-30.71 27.76 11.02

Kindly be informed that the margin of error for hand measurements may be less than 1 inch, a variation that is typically accepted as normal.

Fabric: Polyester

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